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Australia’s Trusted Cyber Fraud Investigation Specialists

“Cyber Research has investigated large-scale insurance fraud, corporate fraud and criminal investigations in New Zealand & Australia. We are trusted technology advisors who can assist across all facets of an investigation.”

Since 2007 Cyber Research has been operating as a technology focused private investigation agency with a New Zealand Licence. We are dedicated to supporting fraud investigations and private investigations throughout NZ and Australia, a service that we have become well known for over the years.

A team of dedicated cyber fraud investigators

Here at Cyber Research, our field of expertise is electronically stored information/evidence (ESI). Our clients are wide ranging, including law firms, private investigators, commerce companies and insurance communities with innovative cyber forensics technology solutions that aim to keep up with the changing tactics of modern criminals and other fraudsters.

Our team of specialists work in the following areas using their expert IT skills, e-discovery tools and best practice cyber forensic techniques:

  • Providing enterprise data recovery services and e-discovery information during the interlocutory stage of litigation.
  • Supporting commercial, insurance, fraud, criminal and corporate investigations.

We believe that our competitive edge lies in our analytic capability and deep technical understanding of all relevant processes, allowing us to provide clear and valuable information to investigation teams.

Cyber Research provide specialist investigative services in civil and criminal actions

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The scope of our investigation capabilities

  • When our team is gathering open source information, we use any unclassified information that is available to the public on the internet or via other sources, such as government-owned data, to provide valuable insights into individuals and companies as well as political, criminal and other organised groups and entities.

    The gathering of open source intelligence is integral to enhancing an investigation at even the earliest stages, as it provides connections and background information about individuals and organisation. Depending on the investigation itself, it can even be a way to gather damning evidence.

  • While many IT experts can find and extract data from computers, servers and other storage devices, we can offer far more to our clients. We are proud to say that our strengths lie in being able to keep pace with the ever-evolving aspects of a case whilst working alongside an investigative team.

    In order to present you with meaningful evidence, we work to extract, index and analyse all relevant data. Plus, we are highly experienced in e-discovery methodology as well as the handling of electronic evidence – a critical aspect of litigation.

  • A vital part of our fraud investigations services, cyber forensics must be done properly in order to be useful. This requires…

    • An emphasis on attention to detail.
    • A sounds process/methodology of handling ESI.
    • State of the art commercial software products.

    We are proud to use many of the packages that law enforcement entities around the world rely on to extract, index and search for critical evidence from cloud storage, mobile devices, computers and servers.

  • Along with these specialist solutions, we also offer investigation services in a number of different areas, such as…

    • Blackmail
    • Cyberbullying
    • Infidelity
    • Internet-based investigations.
    • Mobile device cyber forensics/tracking
    • Surveillance

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If you’re in need of a reliable cyber investigator for your litigation or corporate enquiry needs, look no further than Cyber Research. Our services are available in Sydney, Melbourne and throughout Australia. Contact us today for more information.

Case Study

Cyber Research played an integral role in the recovery of two assets valued at $24million that were part of an extensive insurance fraud.

We assisted private investigators and NZ Police detectives using Human (HUMINT) and Open Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT), mobile cyber forensics, and business intelligence activities, which uncovered critical evidence that led to multiple fraud charges against the company owner.

For examples of how we have been able to support criminal and private investigations to date, please see our case studies.

Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority Company License: 13-008981

Case Study